Wheelchair Rental

Revised 2/6/16

Our wheelchair rental service can keep you on the move for short-term needs not covered by insurance.

Transport chairs are designed to be a lightweight, portable alternative to a regular wheelchair. It’s not uncommon that people rent them for a week or a month, particularly when they are recovering from an illness or an injury and will need the mobility device temporarily. People with recurring needs may find it so convenient and affordable that they go ahead and buy one to use whenever the need arises, since they are easily stored in a closet or the trunk of a car.

You can rent a transport wheelchair from Fonte with a credit card and a photo I.D. These rental wheelchairs have four small wheels instead of two small and two large. A transport chair is designed to only be push by caregiver. Prices start at $50 per week or $100 for a month of rental for standard size equipment.

We will work with you to find the size that is just right for your needs, which may affect the price. If you intend to keep it more than two months, talk to us about a purchase option which will save you money.

We require a deposit for one month, regardless of how long you intend to rent the wheelchair, which will be refunded to you when the equipment is returned in good condition.

We offer a variety of different widths and weight capacities. We carry all the top transport chair brands including Medline and Invacare. Three wheel scooters rent for $200 a month and have a weight capacity of 250 lbs. 

We also carry 8’, 10’ and 12’ ramps to make almost any home temporarily wheelchair accessible.  They all handle up to 600 lbs. 

Many people ask us if we take purchased wheelchairs back when they are no longer needed. Often churches, schools and other non-profit agencies benefit from donated wheelchairs.  We encourage you to donate your used mobility equipment since we are only authorized to sell new equipment.